By Kay Horner

As we reflect on the fundamental, significant, and disturbing shift in the cultural landscape of this country, the need for a Christ awakening seems more urgent than ever before. While the majority of the people do not agree with the recent Supreme Court ruling, essentially redefining the definition of marriage in all 50 states, others are being drawn into deception and compromise. The fight for religious freedom that our Founding Fathers sacrificed their livelihoods to establish involves more than political agendas and governmental regulations. It impacts spiritual liberty and freedom from the strongholds of darkness that can destroy lives.

The good news is that God is still the sovereign LORD of the universe, and He is not regulated by the judicial system of any nation. Jesus Christ remains the Way, Truth, Life, and Light of the world that cannot be diminished and will not be hidden under the “bushel” of man’s ideology or philosophy. My firm conviction is that as the darkness of sin encroaches more and more upon our nation and the world, the light that is within Christ’s body—His church—will become a stark contrast, a beacon, beckoning those lost and despairing to a place of hope and help.

As the Holy Spirit draws and God’s people share His Truth in caring, compassionate ways, we will see innumerable, lifeless souls come to life. The church must be prepared to provide the support structures that are needed to help those lives be fully restored to abundant life and engaged as part of His mighty army of believers in this last days’ move of the Spirit throughout the world.

Your prayer for a Christ awakening in America is vital as we ask for God to not only preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage, but to bring a sweeping revival that will impact every state, every county, every church and every heart in America.

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