More About The Jesus Alliance

Learn more about how the Jesus Alliance is uniting Christians across the globe!

We live in a time of both unprecedented need and opportunity. There are many voices, and prolific opinions, but authentic leadership is scarce. History informs us, the Bible guides us. The Body of Christ represents the largest people group with the single greatest potential to meet the needs of the world with the Gospel, and all that is inherent in it. Yet the Body of Christ, the Church, is deeply fragmented, with few calls to unity, although this is the dominant theme of our Lord’s prayers for His people in the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel of John. We consider it a divine mandate, not a convenient option for consideration.

In the midst of the presumed good that comes of technological advances, an increasingly broken and disfigured world reflects the spread of moral decay, distrust, and resulting social dysfunction rooted in spiritual emptiness, depersonalization, false identity, and deception.  Not to mention the implications of barbarism, ideological conflict, tyranny, war, plague, and pestilence. The world’s needs can only be met when the Church, comes together with greater purpose and unity in obedience and commitment to the calling and commands of our Lord Jesus Christ. We’re convinced and deeply convicted that we can, and need, to do more.

The Jesus Alliance believes that in the midst of human suffering, and a global leadership crisis, there is a critical need for marketplace leaders to pray fervently, to seek discernment, to step forward in faith and humility, and to work together using their gifts, skills and callings to effect a more meaningful, efficient, and constructive impact for the Gospel. We believe these actions are critical. They must be rooted in prayer, repentance, and the principles of servant leadership. We believe there is a better path toward faithful service, and compassionate action.  We’re calling on other marketplace leaders to join us as we forge a new path toward unity in serving one another in the Body of Christ.


The calling of the The Jesus Alliance is to unite Christians around the world. An idea greater than our abilities alone, greater than all mankind and precisely the kind of task Almighty God uses to reveal His power, glory, and compassion.