The Prayer of Confession

It's not a popular topic, but confession allows us to agree with God about the...

A Prayer for God's Rest

Listen to Julie Barrios' prayer for rest for you! Jesus invites us to find our...

Agreeing with God

When we pray anything according to God's will, we know that God hears us and...

The Prayer of Petition

Though it shouldn't be the sum total of our prayer life, it is important to...

The Prayer of Intercession

We know the God can meet the needs of the people around us. It's our...

The Prayer Of Faith

Believing Prayer is as important as praying the prayer itself. 

Prayer And Intercession

Everything we do flows from our belief in the power of prayer.

Dreams For Our Nation

What do you want, hope for, and dream about for America?

A Call For Spiritual Awakening

What if the American people pled with God for spiritual awakening?