National Prayer Committee

What is Prayer?

Prayer is the conversation of the most important love relationship in our lives.

The Prayer of Confession

It's not a popular topic, but confession allows us to agree with God about the sin in our lives. 

Agreeing with God

When we pray anything according to God's will, we know that God hears us and will answer us.

The Prayer of Petition

Though it shouldn't be the sum total of our prayer life, it is important to bring all of our needs to God.

The Prayer of Intercession

We know the God can meet the needs of the people around us. It's our privilege to ask Him on their behalf.

Prayer of Thankfulness

Learn how thankfulness doesn't just bless God, but changes you as well.

The Throne Room of God

Prayer brings us before the throne of an all-powerful and gracious God. What should we do when we have God's attention through prayer??

Where Prayer Begins

All prayer originates within the heart of God. We come in agreement with Him to cause His Kingdom to manifest on Earth.

Understanding Who God Is

If we know God as a loving Father, won't demand our own agenda through prayer or attempt to manipulate Him.