Praying For Peace

Growing up in the sixties and seventies gave me a first hand view of the...

What Amazes Jesus?

What Amazes Jesus By Dave Butts What could possibly amaze the Son of God? He...

What is Prayer?

Prayer is the conversation of the most important love relationship in our lives.

Washington - A Man of Prayer

Learn why we celebrate this watershed moment in American history!

Prayer: America's Lifeline

Shirley Dobson teaches us how prayer can give us peace, even in uncertain times!

Declaration Of Spiritual Emergency

With heavy hearts, we recognize that the church in America is in a state of...

Prayer Basics

Prayer is the ability to become aware of the presence of God and yield to...

Prayer for God's Word to Move in You

Listen to IHOP KC's prayer for the Word of God to move in your life!...

Why Pray?

God cares about the smallest aspects of your life and desires conversation with you.