Prayer for Anxiety and Depression

Learn God's way to deal with anxiety & depression and receive this refreshing prayer!

Cry Out America -- What's Your Reason?

This September we will again unite with one purpose: to focus prayer on awakening 'Every...

Commanding God's Blessing

Christ knew that extraordinary unity among his followers is a powerful witness to the world...

Declaration Of Spiritual Emergency

With heavy hearts, we recognize that the church in America is in a state of...

Prayer Basics

Prayer is the ability to become aware of the presence of God and yield to...

The Prayer Of Faith

Believing Prayer is as important as praying the prayer itself. 

Dreams For Our Nation

What do you want, hope for, and dream about for America?

A Call For Spiritual Awakening

What if the American people pled with God for spiritual awakening? 

Why Pray For Revival?

In this video, Dave Butts talks about prayer as an integral part of revival.